Private Server

A server is a dedicated computer device or a program that manages the network resources. In general, the servers are referred to as dedicated devices because they do not carry out any other task except to manage the network resources. Most of the servers are equipped with special, powerful and unique operating systems to meet the heavy requirements. They are not the ones that are usually found in normal systems. There are some operating that can support both desktops and servers with a minute difference in the interface.


Why Private Hosting

Safe & Secure

To operate things flawlessly in the network environment, where more number of computers and systems are dependent on one or more than one server, the server requires some characteristics and capabilities.  

More Configurable

There are some special features that make the server very different from normal system. Some of them are the potential to update the software or hardware without restarting or rebooting, the capability to back up data frequently with state of the art backup facilities, great network performance, high-speed automatic data transfer between devices, high data security and memory protection.

Better Stats & Control

We use the latest and the best servers to provide our customers with unparalleled services

Server Plan

VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Server Hosting is designed to render high speed and flawless performance. Our super-fast services are because of the high-performance solid-state drives that are almost three times faster than most of the others in the market. We have instant provisioning facility that lets you access your server, power it up and get it running instantly. We also manage some specific tasks like updating the operating system in the server and adding the necessary tools to make sure to provide our customers with a wholesome service. We have regional data centers that function round the clock for the pages to load faster with advanced security systems.

VPS hosting is very useful when you are hosting e-commerce sites, multiple sites, database server, heavy applications, email server and environment for testing. These kinds of sites require VPN hosting because there are good possibilities that they will have a lot of traffic, human interaction, payments, huge pools of data, speed demanding processes and instant results & error identifications.

The benefits of using VPS server are it provides you with the root access to your server, dedicated resources, and a separate hosting environment.

Server Plan

Dedicated Server Hosting

The process in which a single server is devoted to one particular single website is called a dedicated server. The dedicated server can be set up at home or office as a service from the data center. Some of the features of our dedicated servers are standardized control panel that is easy to use, easy methods to upgrade plans, using the latest processors to keep with the demands, easy data updating facilities, provisioning time within minutes, easy access to your files more like VIP pass, automatic backup facility every day and get MySQL with our server plans.

The specs of our dedicated servers include 1 Xeon E3 processor with 28GB ECC with 1600MHZ, two numbers of two terabyte drives, 4000 SMTP relays, file and database backup, Linux with CPanel. In this above-mentioned specs file and database backup need to be paid separately.    

We have an economy package, value package, deluxe package, and ultimate package. Our customers can choose from these packages according to their convenience. The prices that we have coated are comparatively less than any other service provider which makes Somnium Hosting a brand that offers exceptional services for unbelievable prices.