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In an era dominated by technological boom, where everything is done over the Internet, our web hosting services come as a welcome relief to those who want their business to scale greater heights.

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Browse through our wide range of services and see for yourself why you should choose us. If you are looking for a PBN hosting provider then we’d recommend using LaunchCDN. Our plans are perfect for small businesses but aren’t tailored towards PBN services.


Uptime Guarantee

We understand how important it is for your website to be up and running 24*7. Our web hosting services pledge to get your website the maximum uptime throughout the day.


Secure Backups

Our web hosting platform brags of providing our clients with a safe and secure backup so that vital information is never lost.

Safe & Secure

The safety and security of your information is our concern. With us at your service, you do not have to fret over any breach of confidentiality.

One Click Installs

You are just a click away from accessing our host of services. Explore them today.

Easy to Install

Upfront Panel Access

Dedicated Online Support

Easy Up-gradation and Backups

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Choosing from a wide range of web hosting services and setting up a website for the very first time can be challenging. This is where our experts come into the picture. Start a live chat and get wise counsel regarding your website.

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups

or Full Control

We provide you with the options of either going for a preconfigured support for your website or customizing it to suit your requirements. All you have to do is place your trust in our services that we have designed specifically to meet your eclectic demands.

Highly Secured Cloud 

Bug Free Panel

Any-Time Cloud Update 

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File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Cloud Management

We provide our clients with the best cloud management services so that information stored by our clients can be easily accessible and retrievable.


Dedicated Panel Access

Browse through our elaborate panel to get access to that specific information as and when required.

24*7 Online Security

The virtual world along with its innumerable perks, also comes with multiple security threats. We exist to minimize such risks and work relentlessly to keep your data secure 24*7.

Customer Testimonials

What They Are Saying?

Somnium Hosting changed the fate of my business and helped it reach the zenith of success. For a newbie, with no experience in setting up a website, this is the best web hosting service in the market that one could opt for.

Kathy J. Vineyard

My business was in urgent need of recognition and that is when I happened to come across this brilliant web hosting platform. Somnium Hosting gave a brand new edge to my business with all its services, and now there is no looking back for me.

Drew L. Scaife

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