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Microchip SAM ARM-based microcontrollers drive smart, connected devices in the era of IoT, wireless, and energy efficiency.
SOMNIUM is a Microchip Trusted Third Party Supplier.

DRT Atmel Studio Extension & DRT Corex-M IDE support SAM devices.

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Nordic Semiconductor

The future of electronics is wireless and portable due to an almost insatiable consumer demand for ever greater levels of freedom and flexibility. Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in the realization of that future, by providing ultra low power (ULP) wireless chips that can run for a long time from small power sources, like watch batteries.

DRT Cortex-M IDE supports Nordic nRF microcontrollers.

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NXP Kinetis and LPC microcontrollers are based on ARM Cortex-M Cores.
SOMNIUM is an NXP Proven Partner, and produced the KDS IDE for Freescale.

DRT NXP Edition & DRT Cortex-M IDE support Kinetis & LPC devices.

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The STM32 family of 32‑bit flash microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex‑M processor is designed to offer new degrees of freedom to microcontroller users.

DRT Cortex-M IDE supports STM32 devices.

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Texas Instruments

TI is a global semiconductor design & manufacturing company. Innovate with 80,000+ analog ICs & embedded processors, software & largest sales/support staff.

SOMNIUM are partnered with Texas Instruments and maintain the MSP430 GCC compiler.

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Embedded Tools Alliance

SOMNIUM are a founding member of the Embedded Tools Alliance - a collaboration of industry leading independent embedded system vendors.

Individually our members' offer high quality solutions addressing at least one aspect of embedded software development. Combined together, our member's offerings provide best-in-class solutions for embedded developers seeking the widest range of features to help complete their project on time, with the best possible technical results, and highest quality.


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