SOMNIUM DRT now supports Nordic nRF microcontrollers

Posted on July 12, 2017

SOMNIUM DRT now supports Nordic nRF ultra low power wireless microcontrollers

We are pleased to announce version 4.3 of SOMNIUM DRT embedded C/C++ software development tools for leading ARM® Cortex®-M based microcontrollers.

The DRT IDE provides a mature Windows, Linux and macOS hosted environment with innovative features for ease of use and state of the art debug functionality. DRT’s code generation tools combine validated quality with patented GNU-compatible optimizations for smaller, faster more energy efficient code with no source code changes required.

DRT 4.3 expands the existing support for microcontrollers to include Nordic Semiconductors’ nRF51 and nRF52 ultra-low power wireless microcontrollers

Nordic’s nRF devices are highly cost and energy optimized with a wide range of devices supporting different memory sizes and features including support for 2.4GHz RF, ANT™, Bluetooth® low energy (formerly known as Bluetooth Smart) and Sub 1-GHz RF.

DRT fully supports Nordic’s SoftDevices (precompiled and linked binary software implementing wireless protocols) and compared to other tools DRT’s patented optimizations typically deliver 10% ROM savings allowing developers to fit more application code into their cost and energy optimized designs.

DRT’s advanced Eclipse-based IDE offers innovative features for high productivity, embedded debugging and migrating projects from legacy tools. Unlike other vendors, SOMNIUM proudly modify the Eclipse platform, maintaining industry compatibility whilst fixing bugs and adding features to give developers the IDE they deserve, not the one they inherit from uncurated Eclipse sources.

DRT’s validated code generation tools, and patented optimizations for smaller codesize, optimized performance and energy saving are the perfect fit for Nordic’s cost and energy optimized microcontroller solutions. Developers who leverage these benefits with DRT’s advanced IDE and state of the art debug features can now reach the market faster, with performance, cost and feature optimized nRF designs.

See how easy it is to use nRF SDK with SOMNIUM DRT on our support portal.


SOMNIUM® DRT 4.3 is available now and supports Microchip SAM, Nordic nRF, NXP Kinetis, NXP LPC and STMicroelectronics STM32 microcontrollers.

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