SOMNIUM® at ARM® TechCon™- Our Experience.

Posted on October 10, 2014

- Written by Dan O'Hara, Digital Commerce Manager for SOMNIUM® Technologies.

SOMNIUM® had a fantastic time at ARM® TechCon™ 2014. We had some great conversations with really interesting people and we are extremely proud that our announcement of SOMNIUM® DRT was so well received.

The exhibition floor was a bustling hub of activity with some great stands and some very exciting announcements like the new ARM® Cortex® M7 (read our blog about this here). Among these announcements was of course our announcement of SOMNIUM DRT as well as our partnership with P&E Microcomputer Systems®.

The three days were very exciting for SOMNIUM not only for our own announcements and activities but also because we were very privileged to see some fantastic innovations and the future of IoT presented from many of the cutting edge companies that were present. With these innovations in mind we are proud of our place in the ARM ecosystem and our ability to not only support these innovations but to improve them.

We eagerly look forward to attending future ARM events.

Joe, our VP of Product Engineering, demoing DRT to a stand visitor
- Joe, our VP of Product Engineering, demoing DRT to a stand visitor.

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