Exciting times as the NXP Freescale merger completes

Posted on December 09, 2015

By Delyth Harris- Business Development

Exciting times as the NXP Freescale merger completes

Here at SOMNIUM Technologies we're excited by the NXP Freescale merger which was finalized on Monday.

NXP is known as a pioneer in mixed signal technologies with recognized leadership in security. Freescale is recognized as a global leader in secure, embedded processing solutions. Freescale CEO Gregg Lowe noted that "the two companies have very complementary product portfolios and end market exposure, and this will enable us to offer better and more complete solutions to our customers." Certainly, it's anticipated that the newly merged organizations will be stronger together in addressing both the automotive and the IoT infrastructure market place, where industry standards are critical to success.

Both NXP and Freescale have long recognized the value of compatibility with industry standard GNU and Eclipse based solutions, and use these as the basis of their software enablement across their entire range of ARM Cortex M devices.

As a Freescale Proven Partner, and as the original developer of Freescale's Kinetis Design Studio IDE, we're excited about the merger.

Today we are announcing that DRT Freescale Kinetis IDE will be renamed as the DRT NXP Edition and will be extended to support NXP Cortex M devices. SOMNIUM DRT Kinetis IDE customers will be entitled to a free upgrade to the NXP version. This will allow even more developers to benefit from DRT's code optimization tools and enhanced Eclipse IDE, and shows the strength of DRT's roadmap to support market leading Cortex M devices.

In particular, NXPs focus on IoT and the automotive industry is one area where DRT unique benefits add significant value. It is these sectors which are being particularly challenged to use low cost smaller memory devices which use the least amount of energy, without any loss of performance, with many devices in the IoT space being solar powered or sealed for life battery based systems. This fits perfectly with DRT's sweet spot.

DRT is the only GNU compatible solution offering benefits over vanilla free of charge and other commercial GNU based tools. DRT reduces code size, improves performance and reduces energy consumption with no porting effort or source code changes required. DRT also uses an advanced Eclipse IDE, with features unavailable in other products to improve developer productivity and debugging.

As a result of the merger, the benefits that DRT brings to the embedded development world are now more widely available as we embrace the NXP development community. We look forward to working with NXP and its development community as we support NXP Cortex devices moving forward.

A free of charge, fully supported trial of SOMNIUM DRT is available here.

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